Changes to the Terms of Use // Invitation to the E.ON Crowd

Dear participant of the E.ON ideenLabor,

Thank you very much for your registration on our portal at that time. In the future we would like to test a new but similar format called E.ON Crowd within a beta test via this portal.

The E.ON Crowd is there for all those who want to work together with us and many more on a better tomorrow - for visionaries, for creative minds, for dissenters, for all those who would like to drive something. With the E.ON Crowd, we want to work with you on ideas, concepts and solutions that will move us.

During the two-month beta test phase, we want to gather realistic feedback and explore user acceptance of such a format. Of course, there is also something to win.

This represents a new purpose for the processing of your data and differs from the previous one. The protection of your data and the legal processing of these are very important to us. Due to the purpose change described above, we need renewed permission to process your data in accordance with the new data protection provisions of the GDPR. Here you will find the conditions of participation and the corresponding data protection regulations for the use of our portal.

Please confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions. We will then send you an exclusive invitation code to participate in the E.ON Crowd beta phase. Alternatively, you can apply here for participation. Herein, please feel free to tell us that you were a former user of E.ON ideenLabor. If we do not receive any feedback from you, we would like to thank you for your support and will delete your data.

If you are interested in registering for the portal again at a later date, you are very welcome to do so by clicking here.

Thank you very much and hope to see you soon,

Your E.ON Crowd Team